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Ways to Help Pet Advocate League

We appreciate any way that you can help us help the animals!

We collect inkjet & laser cartridges from computers & old cell phones. We send them in for recycling & we receive a check. You can ask your office to save them for us & and/or save the ones from home. We would be happy to come & get them!

We are part of Dorothy Lane Market’s Good Neighbor Program. You can sign up & designate us as your choice to receive funds based on your purchases. You can sign up anytime but must choose a non profit group every January.

More Recycling

We collect clean cat & dog food cans. You can recycle the cans, lids & tabs. The tabs should be removed. They are recycled separately & are worth more. Now you have somewhere to dump those 90,000 cans a week!

Are you talented?

Sew catnip toys that we sell in the clinic. We can provide the catnip. Our volunteers grow the organic stuff.

Refer people to us to get that cat neutered. Sometimes it takes you to get the neighbor to bring theirs in or to get them to help out a stray. Be the motivator & spread the word. Keep our flyers in your car & hang them up everywhere.

Look for our donation cans in area businesses & fill ‘em up! If you know of a business that doesn’t have one let us know & we’ll fix that!

Are you an Ebay junkie? We would love your help. We receive donated items & sell them on Ebay. If you love running Ebay auctions & would like to help us sell please let us know! Also please donate those unwanted items. We accept most everything except large heavy items and clothing.

Click here for info on this year's Spay-ghetti and No-Balls dinner!

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You can purchase homemade soaps through, proceeds go to charities like ours!

Any additional questions or to schedule an appointment, call: 937-278-8330


Help promote awareness of pet welfare with a custom plate from!

Lighted leashes are available from Each leash helps support PAL!

Neutering since 2000! Over 20,000 animals helped!

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